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Philippe’s father, Philippe, Sr., was well on his way to carrying on the family legacy when he died in a seaplane accident in 1979, six months before Philippe was born.Now, the junior Cousteau, 36, is continuing the family business—albeit in a very new media sort of way.

“It meant a lot to us, not only from the perspective of connecting with France, but connecting with our family heritage,” Cousteau told us. apartment as he travels back and forth between the District and L. It's so gorgeous, and makes you feel like you're atop your own mountain in the French countryside. And Philippe grew up summering there, hence his impeccable French accent. The idea of planning an-out-of-the-country wedding immediately gave me heart palpitations, but the idea of a destination wedding sounded so, so romantic! After a lot of talking and a lot of Googling, we decided to be true to our adventurous personalities and take the French plunge. caught up with Phillipe and Ashlan to talk nuclear sharks, tuna guts, and the challenge of getting millennials to care about the environment. ​ASHLAN: We went out and tagged 17 sharks and watched where they went. These quote-un-quote “non-migratory” sharks, by the textbook, were actually migrating up to 200 miles in the open Pacific, which scientists never thought they’d do. It was really fascinating to get real science out of the show— but we got some really bad news.OUTSIDE: How did you get involved with this Nuclear Sharks business? PHILIPPE: The satellite data started to show some of the sharks moving in straight lines—just a tremendous distance out toward open oceans, toward the Philippines. Fifty percent of our sharks were illegally fished, we realized. PHILIPPE: One of the big solutions to declining biodiversity and battling climate change is to establish marine protection areas—and then to leave them alone. Bikini was a de-facto marine reserve before, for fear of radioactivity. She has worked on shows such as Saturday Night Live, The Today Show and Late Night with Conan O'Brien.Ashlan Gorse made a name for herself on the red carpet, reporting for E! This past September, the North Carolina native, 33, tied the knot with Philippe Cousteau Jr. I have to say, other than my wedding, it was the most amazing experience I’ve had. Seeing them in the water was a complete out-of-body experience. Coffee runs, answering phone calls and doing anything possible to get the job done- sounds like the typical college internship, right?Think again; check out these ten celebrities who were also interns back in the day. , or listen to Z100 radio, everyone knows media personality Ryan Seacrest. and hosting Idol, Seacrest hosted a sports game show (“Radical Outdoor Challenge”) for ESPN.(Fun fact: Sylvia Plath also interned for Mademoiselle).One of the most infamous rappers today and babby daddy to Kim Kardashian’s baby girl, Kanye West was actually a fashion intern before getting into the music biz.

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