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"In retrospect, it's obvious why Marxism appealed to me: it went well with the latent anti-Americanism still imprinted on my Iranian mind. He explains his worldview as a young man was somewhat like this: "Man's place in the world is unsettled; we are homeless."Ahmari gradually began to recognize the significance of Judeo-Christian foundations of the West, but that didn't make him a Christian. "If I enjoyed the beauty and ordered liberty I saw around me, then I had to give credit to the ideals that gave birth to it. The beauty and order reflected an underlying truth.

It wasn't my truth, but I no longer lightly dismissed faith."During the transitional phase, the journalist's hunger for God persisted.

Though impulsive, the decision to announce his conversion was not just due to Hamel's martyrdom, explains Ahmari, who writes editorials and commissions and edits op-eds for the Journal's European edition, in an article in The Catholic Herald.

"The real story was much longer and more complicated."When Ahmari was 12, he decided that there was no God.

It is the movement of a The Pope and the Catechism are two of the highest authorities in the Church. In one respect, Catholics and Evangelicals are saying the same thing. Without the rescuer, the passengers would suffocate and die while waiting to be saved.

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His Passion of the Christ changed everything for Hollywood when it comes to matters of faith, waking up the powers-that-be to the box office potential of the Christian audience.

Even after Gibson's PR nightmare, his Apocalypto went on to make a reported million--and was seen by many as a Christian allegory, despite its ancient Mayan setting.

No one else had the power, no other religion, no other path of spirituality - only Jesus. Top Let us compare the Evangelical "getting saved" process to the Catholic "Conversion of Heart" experience.

There are many similarities: A person is apart from God and a slave to grave sins (serious) and/or venial sins (not as serious).

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