Cam sex in mountain

When reporter Patrick Abboud told us there is a mountain in Indonesia where thousands of pilgrims gather several times a year for ritual sex sessions, we weren't sure what to think. Welcome to Gunung Kemukus - otherwise known as Sex Mountain.We sent him with his camera to find out more and after his trek to Java's Mount Kemukus, this is what he came back with. Mardiyah runs a humble market stall in a Javanese coastal town.Park City is proud to offer a number of live, controllable on-mountain cameras which allow you to pan, tilt and zoom your way around our mountain in real time! So you guys better enjoy this footage cause it was fuckin risky shooting it.

Tigers once roamed from Turkey to eastern Russia but their numbers have dwindled by 95 per cent since 1900 because of hunting, loss of habitats and poaching.

Mardiyah's husband passed away five years ago and she has struggled since financially. MARDIYAH (Translation): If I have good fortune, praise God, I will pay all my debts.

We're going with her to make sense of this mysterious custom.

She's one of thousands of Indonesian pilgrims who travel to Central Java every month or so.

They believe the magical powers of this mountain will make them rich.

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