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The guy negotiated the price and gave me the phone, as it was on i Phone cover and look exactly like Apple phone. She contacted me back with a story her son killed in bike accident. The car was packed up to ship through e Bay motors in St Louis, MO. Craigslist has no protection against getting your ad removed by competition.

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It was when the snow was thick and freezing cold when he did it to me too.To the outside community, Michigan is NOT known for its rock climbing, but it is known to its locals.With enough rock climbing to hold us over for Kentucky, Arkansas, California and beyond, climbers are able to enjoy what Michigan has to offer.The Agnes Creek Cabin is located in the southern end of the Colorado State Forest State Park on the Lake Agnes Road.It is 1 mile below Lake Agnes with the Nokhu Crags towering just above it to the east.Once you find yourself running into the Michigan Ditch Road, head left a bit where you'll find another trail heading up the valley towards the base of the Nokhu Crags.Once you've reached this section of the ascent, the real elevation gain starts.Coming around treeline, there are some big slopes that increase avalanche danger.Depending on the time of year and snow-pack condition, you can avoid some avalanche danger by approaching the top of the ridgeline on the right ridge, and head up to the Crags from there, in a more densely treed area.Michigan Ditch Road makes navigation easy especially on the descent because you have to run into it as it circumnavigates above the valley that you start your skin in.Whether you're skiing steep couloirs or decided to ski more moderate terrain, this zone is one of the most versatile on Cameron Pass and make for a great day in the woods!

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