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NMMA continuously monitors legislation and regulatory issues in all 50 states, pursuing the marine industry's objectives and defending it against potentially harmful government initiatives. Recreational Boat Registrations Summary Report provides data on boat registrations by state, size, propulsion and hull material.NMMA has developed infographics to illustrate the economic impact of recreational boating for each state to educate the public and key decision makers on regulatory issues. Regional summaries include population, income, shoreline and inland water data.

See Agricultural Production Tables for Federation of Māori Authorities for tables covering the 2011 year and for more information about these statistics.The MSc programmes provide students with intensive training in statistics applicable to the social sciences, econometrics, finance and insurance.The department welcomes applications for the MPhil/Ph D in Statistics from suitably qualified candidates.Full details of departmental research interests are available on our Research pages.Undergraduate (BSc) The department has three undergraduate degrees that involve the applications of statistics to the social sciences and include a range of statistical and mathematical subjects.NMMA’s Statistics and Research Department monitors, analyzes and tracks the boating and marine market, collecting data and publishing a variety of industry statistics and research reports for its members and the public.To learn more about and access specific publications, visit the links below.During the period 2000-2012 (inclusive) a total of 52 fatalities occurred.The Department of Mines and Petroleum, DMP, the governing authority for the industry in the state, has published statistics for fatalities in mining dating back to 1943 and intends to publish statistics dating back to 1886, though early records are not expected to be exhaustive.A monthly report that takes a look at the important data shaping the marine market.This report provides an in-depth analysis of the statistics that matter to the industry including sales, market share, and consumer trends.

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