Dating rapala fishing lures

Chicago rubber; Jumbo Shiner Minnow, Masterlure, Seneca Tackle Company, Roachs Casting Fly Montpelier Vermont Roach; Speed Bait Walton Products New York; J. Whitehall New York; Blee and Helmkamp Submarine Bait Fort Wayne Indiana; Bings Nemahbin Weedless Minnow A.

These enormous trolling spoons were originally fashioned from the headlight reflectors of La Salle automobiles, most probably by New Jersey angler Jessie Howland to imitate full-grown menhaden and catch really big striped bass.Antique and vintage fishing tackle has become highly collectible, both for its workmanship and appearance and for the nostalgic memories it evokes of a simpler time.Hand-crafted designs create a folk art feel, attracting collectors from a range of backgrounds. Keeling Rockford Illinois; Keelings Expert Minnow Tom Thumb Wiggler; Keeling Bait & Tackle Expert Wooden Minnow; Harkauf Buck Tail H. Kane Fort Wayne Indiana; The Hardy Interchangeable Casting Minnow Artificial Bait Company Monticello Indiana; Thoren Minnow Chaser A. Alliance Ohio; Jeanette Hawley Mohawk Minnow, The Expert Wooden Minnow J. Holzwarth Alliance Ohio; Keeling Expert Minnow Fred C. Philadelphia; heddon fishing lures; The Wiggler Manufacturing Co. Wilcox Wiggler Elwood Indiana; Champion Minnow Clinton Wilt Manufacturing Company Springfield Missouri; The Muskegon Spoon Jack Minnow Jacob Hansen Muskegon Michigan; Muskegon Bass Bait Pull Me Slow Jacob Hansen Muskegon Michigan; The Manitou Minnow Bailey & Elliott Rochester Indiana; The Otter Topwater Casting Bait; The Only Patent Spinner Peter Henkenius and James M. These were first made commercially in the late 1800s by Heddon and Pflueger.Until that time, wooden lures were created by hand by individual craftsmen.The original came with weak hooks and split rings that had to be replaced, but it was more than worth the trouble because they caught heavy-duty fish. Sold today under the name Bomber Long A, it has the right hardware out of the box and it's still the favorite swimmer of tens of thousands of fishermen.Worked slowly, it rolls seductively just under the surface, leaving a V-wake. Doodlebug, Smilin' Bill, Lima Bean, Upperman, Hopkins Hammered, SPRO Prime, Pro Fish Fishskin Jigs - no matter the style, brand or nickname, a painted leadhead jig dressed with the hair from the tail of a whitetail deer was and still is one of the most fish-catching lures ever devised.of this 96-page educational website, which includes a broad collection with reels, catalogs and numerous antique lures, both with and without boxes. Bite-Em, Shakespeare, Pflueger and Four Brothers maroon cardboard boxes; any wooden lure boxes by any company; Kumm's Fish Spotter, Coldwater, Eureka, Bolton, Clewell, Goble, Leeper, Lockhart, Payne's Woggle Bug, Pepper, Croaker, Creek Chub boxes with lure picture on top; Bite-Em, Decker, Darby, Haas, Medley, Paulson, Tempter Frog, Vacuum Bait, Clay's, Wise, Winnie Stump Dodger, some Moonlight, Arbogast Cocktail Kicker, Brooks Shiner, Cummings, Super Strike Fla. Fishing/hunting license badges from Southern states are also wanted.

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