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The Gibson Nouveaus were going to consist of parts made in Japan—neck and body—and assembled and finished in Nashville.This would, of course, technically keep them “American made.” This was not uncommon back then; Kramer seems to have specialized in the practice.Named 'Dot' because of the shape if its fretboard inlays, this elegant beauty has become a favourite of rock, blues, rockabilly and country players because of its colourful tone, sustain and resonance that puts most solidbody guitars to shame.Epiphone Semi-Hollow guitars are favoured by players the likes of King of Blues B. King, and Blink 182's Tom De Longe, who both have signature models.

The Sheraton-II PRO has a hand-set 5-piece laminated hard maple/walnut 24.75" scale neck with a beautiful rosewood fingerboard with block and triangle pearloid and abalone inlays, 22 medium-jumbo frets, and a large vintage-style "tree of life" motif "Clipped Ear" headstock. If a band plays Gibson-style guitars, they’re most likely to be slinging Epis.I’m not sure why, but I suspect it’s because the quality is pretty good, the sound is decent, the look is there, and, if some scumbag should manage to ease a case out of the back of your van when you’re looking the other way, you’re only out an Epi. This is only the latest twist in a tale full of deliciously ironic symbiosis.The fit and finish (high gloss polyurethane) were too good, and besides it was a neck-through. I snatched it right up for a couple bills, of course. But Gibson would periodically revive the American manufacture of Epiphone guitars, including some of the last guitars made in Kalamazoo before the final move to Nashville.Which is a fascinating tale, but doesn’t explain the Spotlight mystery.Epiphone Elite/Elitist models FYSSSS F = factory code (this code will be an "F" or "T") Y = year of manufacture (2 = 2002, 3 = 2003, etc.) SSSS = sequential ranking number Example - T41234 is a 2004 Elitist model made at the Terada factory, production rank 1234th unit.FACTORY LETTER CODES For Epiphone serial numbers that begin with a letter(s), this list identifies the factory (& country) where produced: B Bohêmia Musico-Delicia (Czech Republic) BW ____?An Epiphone Icon: Hailed by blues legend John Lee Hooker as "an outdid 335," the Sheraton has been renown for decades for its combination of superior tone and beautiful pearloid and abalone inlay.Originally released in 1959, the inspiration for the "thin-line" or ES Series has its roots in Les Paul's first solidbody guitar, "The Log," that Les built in Epiphone's factory in Manhattan in 1940."The Log" was made from Epiphone parts with a 4" x 4" piece of pinewood down the middle.____ (China) DW Dae Won (China) EA Qing Dao (China) = Epiphone Acoustic ED is from their Epiphone Dongbei factory. EE Qing Dao (China) = Epiphone Electric F Fujigen (Japan) = Elite/Elitist models F/FN Fine Guitars (Korea) = non-Elite/Elitist models GG (two identified -- Epiphone says it has no record of using GG -- may have slipped through system or are 3rds) I Saein (Korea) J Indonesia (Jakarta ?) -- note: one Elitist model made in Japan has been reported having a J letter code K Korea Ins. ____ (Korea) MC Muse (China) MR = Mirr factory, China N-- see FN O Choice (Korea) P/R Peerless (Korea) S Samick (Korea) SI Samick (Bogor, Indonesia) SJ Sae Jun (China) SM Samil (Korea) SN ____?

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