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It's important to note that the line item's status doesn't change as a result of the line item serving impressions that are filtered due to invalid activity.If the status of your order hasn't yet changed from 'Approved' to 'Delivering,' simply wait a while and check again when you are more certain that the line item has served a valid, reportable impression.

Select the Include Tickets checkbox to display tickets below.Open the event that you wish to mark as Junk, click Report Junk, then click OK.We'll automatically delete the event from your Calendar on all your devices signed in with the same Apple ID.If you have not purchased your theme from the Theme Store, you must contact the theme provider for updates.If you are not using the same Shopify account that you originally used to purchase your theme, you must purchase your theme for your new account.All tables will be updated reflecting the new group selection.The menu label will display Remedy Group to indicate that you are currently viewing data outside your Primary Remedy Group.To learn how to create a table of contents, see Create a table of contents.When a designer updates a theme in the Shopify Theme Store with bug fixes and added features, those changes are not automatically added to your own theme.If you have not customized your theme's files in other ways, those steps should suffice.This is because themes are often customized by merchants, and automatic updates would overwrite those customizations.

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