Import error when updating

Fortunately there is an easy solution in that you can select an option in the wizard to allow specific values to be inserted into the identity column, much like you can with a SQL query.

To do this select the relevant tables in the ‘Select Source Tables and Views’ page by clicking the checkbox in the header for all tables, or you can just select which tables you want copying.

It then uses a separate data connection to the same database for query purposes only since there’s no sense complicating things with an all-purpose data connection — especially when it comes to running "select" SQL statements in order to iterate through records returned by the query.

(SQL Server Import and Export Wizard) • Error 0xc0202045: Data Flow Task 1: Column metadata validation failed.

(SQL Server Import and Export Wizard) • Error 0xc004706b: Data Flow Task 1: "component "Destination - Build Version" (28)" failed validation and returned validation status "VS_ISBROKEN".

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