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Still, it’s good to know we’re not the only ones using alcohol as a social lubricant. We walk into the dark theatre, illuminated by electric tea candles on top of each partition.When my eyes adjust to the darkness I feel deceived. The DJ fiddles with his laptop and the dating begins with a poem about love being a parasite that can only be cured by medicine. Forty minutes and eight men later, I’ve seen it all. I opted to leave immediately instead of staying for another drink to meet fellow male daters. I must admit, there’s a certain comfort that comes with getting to know someone without having to fuss about the way you look.It is surely not easy to find that ‘someone special’ in your life and when you add HIV / AIDS or any other STD to the equation, it can become much more complicated.The most practical way to meet others going through the same condition is to meet them on dating sites dedicated solely to such profiles, such as Positive Singles, HIV People Meet and so on.Making use of Thirty Flirty for South African dating in Mpumalanga has the advantage of letting you get to know a potential girlfriend or boyfriend first before meeting in person, which in our day and age is safer.

The show was created in May 2012 by Saad Khan and Siddhanth Sundar.

The show has no script and is totally improvised, as its name suggests.

The audiences give suggestions, situations and scenarios to the host and taking the cue, the actors create on-the-spot hilarious scenes on stage.

College mates, Khan and Sundar spent hours in their campus canteen performing improvisational scenes together.

Such impromptu performances in college earned them an early audience, who cheered and motivated them.

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