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During the hospital shootings, Alex was shot in the chest, and survived.He then developed an outreach program at the hospital to help sick children in Africa receive surgical care.He became a wrestler in college and eventually channeled his pent-up anger towards his dad. OTHER: Alex demonstrated promise in pediatric surgery with Dr.Arizona Robbins, and decided to pursue a career in pediatrics.As for Jo (Camilla Luddington), their relationship will require a lot of work to get back on track.“He was going to take a plea deal to protect his girl.Last week’s “Grey’s Anatomy” revealed the fate of Alex Karev (Justin Chambers).After numerous episodes this season dealt with the aftermath of Karev beating up De Luca (Giacomo Gianniotti), Alex had decided to accept a plea deal, which would put him behind bars.

The episode last week cut with Karev’s surprise return home, begging the question, how did he get out of jail time? But first, “I think having everything taken from him — I think he learned a lot there, but I think he appreciates being in peace and he’s very good at what he does and he thrives there,” Chambers explains of how the experience will change Alex.made Meredith a widow, a sentiment has begun to grow among the long-running ABC soap's fan base that maybe it's time to test the romantic waters between the good doc and her oldest friend Alex.Over the course of the last two seasons, there have been moments where the show seemed to toying with the idea itself. To potentially maybe have him as a love interest would be like kissing my brother.Alex is currently involved in a relationship with Jo Wilson.WATCH: THE BEST OF ALEX KAREV VIDEOS Grey's Anatomy Characters: Meredith Grey | Alex Karev | Miranda Bailey | Richard Webber | Callie Torres | Owen Hunt | Arizona Robbins | Jackson Avery | April Kepner | Amelia Shepherd | Jo Wilson | Stephanie Edwards | Maggie Pierce Justin Chambers was born and raised in Springfield, Ohio.Love just doesn’t die like that.” Whatever happens, Chambers has a personal wish for his character: “I just hope Alex finds some happiness. However, in real life, Chambers is ecstatic to be experiencing 13 seasons of stability… LIKES: Getting the best surgeries; Joe's bar; wrestling DISLIKES: Lying, in general; not getting any OR time; being told what to do NOTABLE RELATIONSHIPS: Alex, once notoriously known as a bit of a womanizer, married Izzie Stevens before she abruptly left.We've even advocated for the plot development on this very site. I used to say that about Patrick [Dempsey] all the time too because just we'd been together for so long."From the sound of things, the actress just might be perfectly fine with Meredith not finding romance with anyone else ever again.Finally, the stars themselves, Ellen Pompeo and Justin Chambers, are revealing their thoughts on the prospect of their characters getting together. "The love interest part is not my favorite piece of this, I'll be honest,"she added. "I think anything is possible, but personally I find it to be weird," he told us. Sobibór extermination camp memorial, pyramid of sand mixed with human ashes Location of Sobibór (right of centre) on the map of German extermination camps marked with black and white skulls.

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