Mandating electronic

“Rural hospitals and small, independent physician practices will have a harder time meeting the [digital medical records] requirements,” writes the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Attorney Occupational Tax return Mandates: • There is a mandate effective July 1, 2013 that entities that have more than 100 partners must electronically file Partnership returns.

• Aberystwyth University spent some time exploring what kind of mandate would be most effective, and their story shows how to get the best from the consultation process.

• Brunel University has been developing its e-theses collection since 2006, and has been reaping the rewards, both in terms of research impact and benefits to scholarship.

Exhibits and attachments to Form Funding Portal ( § 249.2000 of this chapter) may be filed on EDGAR as PDF documents in the format required by the EDGAR Filer Manual, as defined in Rule 11 of Regulation S-T ( § 232.11 of this chapter).

Notwithstanding Rule 104 of Regulation S-T ( § 232.104 of this chapter), the PDF documents filed under this paragraph will be considered as officially filed with the Commission.

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