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The language also has a significant presence in the United Arab Emirates, United States, Saudi Arabia, and Australia.The Punjabi language is written in the Shahmukhi and Gurmukhi scripts, making it one of the relatively few languages written in more than one script.Radio Jugni is just an initiative to keep community people together. We are miles away from any discrimination based on sex, age or ethnicity.

These all languages are called Prakrit (Sanskrit: प्राकृत prākṛta) collectively.

It added: 'In our analysis, we found that son-biased M: F (male to female) ratios at birth among Indian immigrant mothers were mostly driven by Punjabi-speaking women, and to a lesser extent, those whose first language was Hindi.'These results are consistent with nationally representative data from India where highly skewed M: F ratios were found in predominately northern and some eastern states, where Punjabi is one of the top languages spoken.'The study warned that the results may point towards women who were yet to conceive a son using sex-selective practices, which are banned in India.

And, taking into account pregnancies which did not go full term, 'son-bias' appeared to strengthen among births, it said.

This is in breach of the Casino Control Act which states that individuals, except in a casino or on premises of a designated site, cannot possess casino chips with a value of S,000 or more.

The suspect faces up to five years' jail and a fine of up to S0,000.

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