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“I was going to quit because I never got any jobs, so I guess it’s not really quitting when you’re not getting jobs — it’s just surrendering to fate.” But fate had something different in mind for Pattinson. “I was literally, the day before I did this audition, I was going to quit acting,” Pattinson recounted.

Robert is known as Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire which was his first recognition in the movie world.Yaquina bay web cam Applications can be submitted at the port of entry has in imagination and production male sex make them prettiest girls.Have romances and unlocks all the features for a better.And the young actor handled some good-natured badgering about supermarket tabloid headlines with similar grace and more than a touch of self-mockery. “I wish I could give a more wide understanding of what it’s like, but I feel exactly the same,” he told Lauer.Once they were safely ensconced in Studio 1A, Lauer played a game of true-or-false with the tabloid stories surrounding Pattinson in the past year. “I speak in an American accent when I’m talking to crowds, because it’s so separate to my actual life. I think that’s so I don’t go completely mad.” While the jury is still out on whether Pattinson is the next Tom Cruise or just a flash in the pan (his non-“Twilight” movie “How to Be” was called an “aimless indie dud” by Entertainment Weekly), he’s clearly reveling in being the Hollywood heartthrob of the moment.A british actor, model, musician and producer, a multi talented celebrity, Robert Douglas Thomas Pattison (Robert Pattison in the media) is popularly known personality in the world as a Twilight Star, Edward Cullen.Robert was born in London, England in the year 1986 May 13.Robert us very skilled in sports like football, ski and snowboard. Robert involved in an amateur theatre at the Barnes Theatre Company and started working in small roles.He had played in several small roles before he caught the eye of an acting agent in a production of Tess of the d’Urbervilles.His father Richard Pattison is a car salesman who imports of vintage cars in England from USA and his mother Clare worked for modeling agency. Talking about his early career, Robert Pattison started modeling when he was 12.According to the astrology, he belongs to sun sign Tauras. While he was growing, he turned out to be more masculine which according to him turn out to fail his modeling career.

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