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To enable exported resources, follow these instructions: An exported resource declaration specifies a desired state for a resource, does not manage the resource on the target system, and publishes the resource for use by other nodes.Any node (including the node that exported it) can then collect the exported resource and manage its own copy of it.Last year We tested its demo and it was fulfilling our requirements and fitting under our budget.I did it’s installation and it went smooth without any errors, but it took me few days to understand how it actually works.

Below are the steps that I followed for MY upgrade.Okay, so I tried: Use Mastergosp_configure 'Allow updates',1goreconfigure with overridegothese ran fine. Matthew Jack Corbett Applications Developer Don't let the good be the enemy of the best.Then I tried: Delete sys.databases where database_ID = 16 or Delete sys.sysdatabases where DBID = 16Same error as always: cannot do ad hoc updates on system catalogs. I'd appreciate any assistance finding ways to get around all the limitations of Microsofts "Improvements."Sound a bit cynical? -- Paul Fleming At best you can say that one job may be more secure than another, but total job security is an illusion.It's probably rather easy if you haven't used a lot of procedures, functions and replication, however, that's not where I find myself.At some point, on my publisher server, the distribution database lost a reference point. I thought, I'll stop the service and delete the database files for distribution db.Its GUI interface looks pretty much simple and easy to navigate, but I found it very typical to configure Tape Library for auto loading function according to job/day. I will keep updating with day to day tasks and issues I face and how I manage to solve them.Symantec have great number of guides, postings at there site too, but sometimes its hard to find the correct solution when its kinda urgent.To declare an exported resource, prepend (The second example, taken from puppetlabs-bacula, uses the concat module.) Since any node could be exporting a resource, it is difficult to predict what the title of an exported resource will be.As such, it’s usually best to search on a more general attribute. See Exported Resource Collectors for more detail on the collector syntax and search expressions.Filed under: Symentec Related — Tags: 0x E000FED1, 1798 Hotfix 216746, backup exec 2012 notes, Exclude folders in BE with SDR, NDMP PORT, User-Defined Exclusion Resources, vss writer failed, VSS Writer timed out — Syed Jahanzaib / Pinochio~:) @ AM Recently we upgraded our SAP infrastructure with new IBM x Series server and also replace the old IBM tape library TS3200 with TS100.In previous Windows 2003, we were using classic NTBACKUP solution to take backup on TAPE library system, but with the new windows 2008 R2 upgrade, we found that that the tape drive support have been removed from the new Server Backup tool.

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