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In your home, a bar for basement use can be a great place for parties and gatherings, as well as just for a place to have a drink and unwind after a busy day.

At Matrix Basement Systems, we’ve done hundreds of basement remodeling projects, including basement bars.

With real estate prices on the rise, it's safer than it has been in years to invest in your home -- especially when measured against the prospect of moving, notes real estate agent John Ranco, past president of the Greater Boston Association of Realtors."Remodeling away your house's shortcomings can cost tens of thousands less than trading up to an already remodeled house, which commands a major premium now," he says.

However, it tends to be about 50 percent more expensive.

Click through the list to see exactly how it was brought to life!

This is what the final stage of the project looks like. Who would imagine a theater lies underneath this nice living room setup?

If you’re looking for the best home bar ideas—ones that are customized to what you want your home to look like, we’re the company to come to.

At Matrix Basement Systems, we’re proud to create customized basement bar designs.

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